Deputations & Delegations



If you would like to make a deputation / delegation to Council at one of their meetings, you are required to fill out and submit the request form (click here).  Additionally, you should follow the guidelines outlined below, which are being offered to help you make your deputation / delegation as effective as possible:

  1. Written statements for Council are recommended, and are to be provided to the Municipal Clerk before noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting.  You are not expected to read your written submission as Members of Council will have already received a copy in their agenda package.
  2. Prior to addressing Council, all speakers shall state their name and organizational affiliation, if any.
  3. Address the Mayor as "Your Worship".
  4. Your presentation is to be addressed to Council as a whole, not to individual Council members.
  5. Council members may interrupt a speaker for the purposes of clarification and information.
  6. Do not interrupt the mayor or a member of council
  7. Do not speak disrespectfully or use offensive language.
  8. Be concise and to the point in making your presentation. It is important that you state your reason for appearing, please ensure your presentation includes solutions or actions that can be further considered.
  9. Be advised that Council may further discuss your presentation, but will not enter debate nor make any decision. Instead, the practice of Council is to refer requests through one of the Executive Committees for further review, research and finally to bring a recommendation back to Council, if required.

Deputations / delegations should be 5-10 minutes in length and shall in any case be no more than 10 minutes.  A 5 minute question and answer session is allowed for members of Council to ask further questions.  The key to using this time is to be effective.  It is expected that speakers will observe the commonly accepted rules of courtesy, decorum and good taste.

Deputation / Delegation Guidelines:

There are some restrictions regarding deputations / delegations:

  • The subject matter must be within municipal jurisdiction.
  • Any person who has previously addressed Council on a topic will not be allowed a second deputation unless the person can prove that there is new information to present.
  • Deputations / Delegations from declared candidates for elected office shall not be permitted.
  • Deputations / Delegations shall not promote a specific business.

For more information or to schedule a deputation / delegation, please contact the Municipal Clerk’s Office:

Gabrielle Lecuyer, AOMC
Municipal Clerk
Phone:  807-274-5323 ext 1215


Mia Sexton
Deputy Clerk
Phone:  807-274-5323 ext 1212