Current Rates - Residential


Time(s) – Winter
(Nov 1st-Apr 30th)

Price /kWh Change

Weekdays 7p.m.-7a.m.
All day weekends and holidays

7.7¢/kWh - 1.0¢
Mid-peak Weekdays 7-11a.m. and 5-7p.m. 11.3¢/kWh - 1.9¢
On-Peak Weekdays 11a.m.-5p.m. 15.7¢/kWh - 2.3¢


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You can compare Utility Rates by clicking on the following link and using the OEB residential

Calculator: Your Electricity Utility - For Residential Consumers (Please be aware that the 

Calulator does not take into account the Power Agreement Rebate Credit). Scroll down and 

click on bottom icon to view current rates for residential and general service under 50 kW.


 Smart Meter               

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